Welcome to the Low Carbon Societies Network

As part of the network, we are facilitating information flows between European Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs) and research institutes working on low-carbon energy scenarios and technologies.
The network was established by the ENCI-LowCarb Project (2009-12), supported by EU FP7. 
On the web site you can find:
- Reports, Posters, Newsletter published by the Project in 2009-12.
- Collection of Scenarios, Best Practices, and Contacts.
As there is big interest, we try to update these. Suggestions for corrections are welcome. Please send them to ove@inforse.org.  
You can also join the network and connect to the Low Carbon colleagues!

There are more than 135 researchers and CSOs working are members and more than 40 European scenarios are available.

+ 135 Members
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+ 40 Scenarios

Project Reports



ch 15, 2012
Paris, France
Final Conference

• Newsletter No.9, March 2012March, 2012
Newsletter # 9