Seminar - October 5, 2010, CAT, UK

Low Carbon Societies Network Seminar
Phase out of Fossil Fuels:
Proposals for UK, Germany, France and Hungary

The New Training Center WISE at the Centre for Alternative Technologies (CAT) Machynlleth Wales, UK

Date: October 5, 2010, 9.00 - 17.30

A seminar to discuss how we can turn the electricity sector away from fossil fuels, based on scenarios and proposals for four countries.

The presentations dealt with critical issues such as:
  • What can the transition look like for the four countries?
  • How to manage 100% renewable energy every hour of the year?
  • What it will cost?
  • Can we save power and can we make power available to replace fossil fuels for transport and efficient heating?
Two proposals were made with macro-economic models (France and Germany) and two were made with bottom-up models (Hungary and UK).


Key Issues for an Energy Transition by Low Carbon Societies Network Project
How the Models Make the Results: 
Brief overview of the main types of models used for energy scenarios and what the choice of model do to the result.

by Ruben Bibas, CIRED, France 
Making Plans With Stakeholders:
How to involve stakeholders in an equitable way when developing scenarios and strategies.

by Meike Fink, Climate Network France and Jan Burck, Germanwatch
pdf-file, 1.3 MB
The Four Proposals for Turning Down Fossil Fuels in Electricity
Comparison of the current situation in each country

by Jan Burck, Germanwatch
pdf-file, 371 kB
The costs of phasing out fossil fuels, with and without nuclear, the impact of the global development on national choices. 

by Sandrine Mathy and Ruben Bibas, CIRED
Transition with or without CCS in a "coal" country.

by Eva Schmid and Brigitte Knopf, PIK
pdf-file, 518 kB
United Kingdom:
ZeroCarbonBritain 2030, Fossil Free in 20 Years

by Paul Allen, CAT
pdf-file, 7.6 MB
Fossil and Nuclear Free

by Béla Munkácsy, ELTE University / KNHOE
pdf-file, 0.9 MB
Guided Tour at CAT-Site

 - by Paul Allen and Jaise Kuriakose, CAT
The Actual German Nuclear Debate
  How Scenarios Are Used in the Actual German Debate of Life-Time Extension of Nuclear Power:
Critical comment on how a scientific scenario work has been used and misinterpreted for political reasons.

by Jan Burck and Brigitte Knopf
pdf-file, 1.0 MB
Developing the Lowcarbon Societies Network
How to Communicate Low-Carbon Scenarios and Strategies?
Lessons from the ZeroCarbonBritain. 

by Stephan Murphy, Communication Officer of CAT
pdf-file, 1.0 MB
Existing Networking in Low Carbon Scenario and Strategy Building - Overview and Discussion
 pdf-file, 379 kB

The Next Steps in the Development of the Low Carbon Societies Network -
Overview of Plans
 pdf-file, 268 kB

by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
Transition of the Electricity Sector in Germany, France, UK and Hungary

Interactive Roundtable:
Main Actors, Stakeholders, Issues and Obstacles for a Low Carbon Future

On the Roundtable were Representetives of Each Country:
Sandrine Mathy, France
Béla Munkácsy, Hungary
Jan Burck, Germany
Paul Allen, UK

Kim Bryan, Media Officer of CAT

Download the full program of the event:

 Program October 5, 2010 (pdf file)

The Project is ended in 2012,
but the collection of scenarios
is continued being updated:

Check out the New European
CLEVER Scenario, June 2023:

Regional Scenarios

National Scenarios

Global Scenarios

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