Seminar - April 14, 2011 EUSEW, Brussels

Low Carbon Societies Network
EUSEW 2011 Conference

PROCEEDINGS: Low Carbon Societies Network at EUSEW 2011 Conference - April 14, 2011

100 % Renewables and Low-Carbon Scenarios in Europe by 2050. 
Comparison, Development, Driving Forces, Barriers.
Stakeholder Dialogue Experiences from Germany and France.
Venue: Charlemagne Building, Brussels, Belgium

April 14, 2011, 14.30-18.30

Session 1: 100% Renewables Scenarios and other Low-Carbon Scenarios
Moderator: Jan Burck, Germanwatch

Meike Fink 
1. Introduction to Seminar and Low Carbon Societies Network Project

by Meike Fink, Climate Action Network – France (RAC-France), FP7 Project leader 

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Gunnar Boye Olesen 2. 100% Renewables and Low-Carbon Scenarios in Europe - a Comparison

by Gunnar Boye Olesen, International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-Europe)

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  3. Low-Carbon Scenarios for Germany and France made with Advanced, Macroeconomic Models: different problems, different solutions

by Eva Schmid, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) (to the right) and
Ruben Bibas, Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement (CIRED), Paris  

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Session 2: Stakeholder Involvements in Scenario Building
Moderator: Rebecca Collyer, European Climate Foundation 
Stéphane La Branche  1. Stakeholder Involvement in Development of Scenarios for Transitions to Low-Carbon / 100% Renewables Societies. How to Involve Stakeholders?

Obstacles and success criteria, will scenario methodology limit the choice of stakeholders, coalition building,stakeholder involvement during the elaboration of scenarios
by Meike Fink and Stéphane La Branche Planet, Energy, Climate Change Institute of Political Studies, Grenoble

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Jan Burck Debate: Post-Fukushima in France

by Meike Fink, RAC-France

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German Debate after Fukushima

by Jan Burck, Germanwatch

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Rebecca Collyer 2. Panel Debate: Involving Stakeholders in the Transition to Low-Carbon Societies - the Way Ahead?
- What is the added value of involving many stakeholders? Good and bad experiences. What kinds of stakeholder dialogues should be part of the coming transition to low-carbon societies?

Moderator: Rebecca Collyer,
European Climate Foundation

by Chris Church,
specialist on environment, social and community development,
pdf file 600 kB

by Georges Mercadal,
former vice president of the French CNDP - National Commission of Public Debate,
 pdf file 100 kB

by Jan Burck,
Germanwatch, and

by Myriam Boveda,
Energies Demain,
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Chris Church
Georges Mercadal
Jan Burck
Myriam Boveda


 Panel Discussion
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The Participation was Free
Registration was necessary.
Event Program: EUSEW 2011


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